Margaret Cooper

Margaret Cooper gives Yogalats classes at the Dormans Hall, Lingfield

"...after Yoga I sleep really well and wake up full of energy"
Some frequently asked questions

Courses and Classes

Venue   Day   Time   Fee
Dormans Hall
  Friday   11.00am - 12.00pm   £7 walk in or -
£20.00 per 4 sessions
One to One Session   When you travel to Margaret:   £50.00 per session
One to One Session   When Margaret travels to you   £50.00 plus travel expense by arrangement
CD's for Hypnotherapy            
Deep Relaxation, Insomnia etc.   Price including Postage and Packing   £10.00 per CD
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To book your place, please call Margaret on 0777 856 6503

Yoga nad Pilates classes in Biggin Hill and TatsfieldThings you need to know

Wear suitable clothes so that you can move freely

Classes are held in bare feet so no need to worry about footwear

About Hypnotherapy

Qualified Hypnotherapist (BSY A.M,J.H)

Stop smoking, relieve stress and anxiety

Help to build your confidence

Help in overcoming phobias

Let me and your subconscious do the work!

Some Frequently asked questions

Q: I have a bad back can I still do Yogalats ?
A: Yes. Providing your back is recovered, gentle yogalats will begin to strengthen your spine and Pilates core strengthening will act to support your back.
Q: I have heart trouble - can I still do yoga?
A: Yes although, as with all ailments, it is advisable to check with your doctor first.
Q: I suffer from high blood pressure - can I still do Yogalats?
A: Yes. Yogalats will release tension and stress from the body.Wwe do meditation and relaxation and these are all good for high blood pressure. As always, please check with your doctor first.